About Us

CELDAR, a Non-Profit Organisation


CELDAR is a Non-Profit Organization that promotes Entrepreneurship, Job Creation, Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment among Vulnerable People. The organization formed in January 2018 and registered March 2020.

Vision: Our Vision is to see a healthy Ghanaian Citizenry having economically-secure living conditions

Mission: Our Mission is to promote entrepreneurship, financial inclusion and health for the socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable people.


  1. To build capacity of and support vulnerable people to develop enterprises
  2. To promote financial inclusion of vulnerable people
  3. To promote health and wellbeing of citizens
  4. To promote policies and actions in favour of socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable people


  1. Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Financial Inclusion
  3. Health & Wellbeing
  4. Socio-economic Policy Advocacy


CELDAR has a 5-member Board of Directors who provides policy direction for the organisation. There is a Board Charter which guides the operations of the Board.

Organisational Leadership

The Management if the organisation is headed by the Executive Director who is recruited by the Board. The Board approves all decision before implemented by the Management. Management then reports back to the Board on the implementation of strategies and policies.

Funding Of Activities

Currently, CELDAR is funded through donations from the Subscribers/ Promoters as well as from returns from operations of its subsidiary businesses.

Our Code of Conduct

Our work is guided by our core values and respect of fundamental human rights, diversity of individuals and social inclusion. We are committed to anti-fraud and anti-corruption, protection from sexual exploitation and abuse. We do not discriminate against anyone regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin

Safeguarding Principles

The Organisation is committed to the following;

  1. Safety and protection of all children that we encounter in our work
  2. Respects the cultural and social diversity of the communities in which we
  3. Respect and protection of persons with disabilities and mental illness
  4. Respect and protection of the aged

Transparency and Accountability

We report and account for all donations and grants to our beneficiaries and sponsors. We hold periodic review sessions to learn and improve. We publish all our audit reports on our website


Transformation– We believe in innovation and the need for urgent action to transform lives with our organisation and communities

Accountability– We seek to be responsible for all resources given to us ensuring that we use the resources efficiently and deliver our interventions effectively in a timely manner.

Transparency– We observe open door policy at all times by ensuring that our operations are open.

Equality– We believe in the equal value of every human being and the need to respect and honour each individual

Professionalism– To conduct ourselves with highest professionalism and to accomplish our tasks with excellency and commitment.


Our Micro-Credit Support Programme started since the year 2017. Over the years, we have supported low income earners, small scale businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs within Ghana’s informal sector who normally do not have access to financial support in the form of credit to improve their businesses.

Under the Micro-Credit Support Programme, we targeted small scale businesses in the agribusiness value chain, service, transport, ICT, technical and vocational skill development geared towards creating employment, improving livelihoods and reducing poverty in Ghana.

Aside our micro-credit support programme, we have also supported small businesses and startups develop business plans/ proposals that can help you raise funds or attract good credit to support implementation of their business ideas.

2019 Annual Report – Appendix 1

In January 2020, CELDAR- A Centre for Livelihood Development And Resilience was formally registered and launched as a Non-Profit Organisation that supports vulnerable citizens and marginalized communities to improve their skills and practices; financial capacities and good health as well as influencing national and local policy actions towards sustainable livelihoods in Ghana.