Current Projects

Financial Inclusion Project

The objective is to support small scale traders and business owners with financial literacy training and financial support to expand and improve their businesses and reduce poverty. This project is being implemented in 3 districts in the eastern region including Asuogyaman, Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo.

The project has 2 components;

  1. Financial literacy and business management training for selected traders and business owners
  2. Extension of start-up financial support to trainees to start business and to invest into their existing businesses and pay back with a payment plan.

This project is expected to complete in December 2021.

These businesses continue to receive coaching and backstopping from the Celdar team. For the past 4 years, we have supported over 400 small businesses.

Food Aid Program

Since 2018, we donate food items to Nectar Orphanage located in Nuaso in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The orphanage has over 50 children under their care where they provide psychosocial support and education for them. We donate during Christmas and Easter seasons.

The objective of this program is to ensure no child sleeps with hunger. So that together we can all achieve SDG 2 of zero hunger. We are in discussion to support the orphanage set up a business that will serve as a source of livelihood for them.


Giving for Change – Southern Ghana Community of Practice on Local philanthropy

The project has set up the Southern Community of Practice on Local Philanthropy. CELDAR is a Co-convener for the Community of Practice (CoP). The CoP is advocating and promoting inclusive and community-led development through local philanthropy and local resource mobilization.

The Southern CoP is a place for mutual learning and sharing, testing new approaches and ways of working. This learning and sharing is centred on domestic resource mobilization, building local constituencies for social change, strengthening community voices and questions around power dynamics. Within the community, we also build social capital and a network among the different members.


Community Asset Building Project

Every community has resources that should be harnessed to the development of that community. We have started a project in Akateng community with the objective of identifying and exploring the assets, human and non-human resources that the community has and harness it to their development.

The following activities will be implemented;

  • Identification and documentation of community resources- natural, human, financial etc
  • Formation of Community Foundation to lead the community development process
  • Local fundrasing for community projects